Thoughts come like waves in the ocean. Human thoughts travel very fast, in fact, faster than sound and light. The moment we imagine things, we reach there. We can reach anywhere with multitudes of thoughts.

However, there is what is called our real self. It is like an ocean. No thoughts reach there. It is serene and calm. Thoughts travel in many directions and at times to multitudinal directions and areas. We cannot help stopping the thoughts coming like waves because of what we are. All our actions depend upon our thoughts. Good thought processes lead to good actions. That helps to spread positive energy within oneself and around.

Meditation and other spiritual processes help us develop allowing of good thoughts. I do not think anyone can totally eliminate the thought processes. Since the subtle in us is not affected at all by all these developments, we call it as our true nature. To identify ourselves with true nature should be our endeavor in any spiritual process. Even this process originates from our thoughts only. When we cross the barrier of thought process, we can attempt to reach that stage. How far we are successful in this process depends upon the individual’s existential level. It is also linked to Vasanas, Karmas, attitude towards life, etc. A person becomes a seeker if he starts thinking about this process. This is the starting point of search towards truth.

Since each one is placed differently, the duration of the process will be different. Here exactly, the role of Gurus and the blessing of God comes as favorable for the person. Initially, the inclination, then starting the process and then nature unfolds its helping hand to show the way. Only thing is, we must not waver in the process but be focused towards reaching the goal.

During the process of this journey, all our Scriptures, Vedas, Puranas, etc. and preachings of enlightened Gurus come as guiding force to enable us to keep going towards the goal. But ultimately it is the individual himself who has to travel all by his efforts.

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