Simplicity is the best form of life. But it should not be so simple as to make other people believe that simplicity can be taken for granted.

Once there lived a snake in a small village under a banyan tree. The snake was very proud of its poisonous capacity. Sometimes it used to bite people coming near the tree. The village people got fed up with the situation. They wanted to kill the snake and decided for a conference of people. In the meeting, one villager said that it is better not to kill the snake. He said that there was a wise person nearby, who knew the language of the snake. He suggested everyone should approach that wise man.

Villagers went to him and presented their problems. The wise man agreed to talk to the snake. He came and told something to the snake. The snake shook its head and remained inside its mole most of the time. It used to come out for eating prey once in a week and go back to the hole. But during that period, people started pelting stones at it. It used to get injured and most of the time remained in pain.

After some days, the wise man asked the villagers about the snake problem. They were all happy. They told him that they have no fear of the snake now and instead the snake is afraid of them. The wise man went to the snake and asked about its welfare. The snake was in tears and in agony. The snake asked him for a way out from this poignant situation. The wise man told the snake the following:

“I told you not to bite people unnecessarily. I never told you, not to use your hood and scare people by hissing when they come to attack you. I thought you were intelligent enough to understand this. This is your right to defend yourself. Since you have poison, you must be careful before using it on others. But that does not deprive you of your right to protect yourself. Don’t be so simple as to make your simplicity a weakness by others.”

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