Hiding his insecurities,
behind the mask of indifference,
he treads through his life every day.
He carefully built his life around bitter realities,
even as rebellion shined bright in those eyes.
He wasn’t meant to live an ordinary life;
for he knew no boundaries,
for he knew nothing about giving up,
for he sought something beyond his own imagination.
He didn’t know what he was looking for,
but he knew it was meant to be extraordinary;
for it ignited a blazing fire in his heart,
that reflected on his face.
He looks like a mad man,
who’s lost the sense of the world;
busy in some otherworldly quest.
But you don’t fear him.
Instead, you’re held captive by his fierce devotion;
for it makes you wonder,
about all the dreams you left unattended,
and stirs the foregone visionary in you;
for it burns your blood,
with a passion you have long forgotten;
for it allows you,
to feel alive once again.
He is no ordinary human,
he’s acquired his own luck;
for he couldn’t imagine succumbing to fate,
for that would be a disgrace!



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