Once upon a time, I used to believe the falsehood that you will not receive love, if you don’t know how to love yourself. This statement is somewhat true but somewhat not. Yes, if you are truly unfamiliar with authentic self-love, it is a harder task for you to be open and receive authentic love from others. Many things become a blur for you. It is an okay state to be in. However, this does not mean that love is not shown to you. In fact you are surrounded by love and that is the only way you will be ushered into remembering the love you have within.

As ever-evolving souls, we sometimes tap into versions of ourselves we are not yet used to and don’t yet know how to love. Does this constitute for you not to receive love anymore? Of course not! It’s obscured to think so. Being welcomed by love into our new selves helps us snuggle into it with ease. I want you all to remember that there is always love surrounding you at all times, even when you feel ugly, broken and unworthy of love.. trust that love surrounds you at all times. It is all just a matter of you being receptive to it. You are made of love! Remember that.


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