Generally talking about our society, we find, with exceptions apart, we do not care for anything seriously. Talking casually, telling things without meaning them, passing comments even without knowing the subject, assuming knowledge on subjects where one has no competence, bragging about oneself and one’s own qualities, undermining others even without knowing their worth, and in the end thinking there is one God up there, who is going to take care of everything. Even we feel, we are competent to pass judgement just in a matter of seconds, on subjects in which others have researched for years and struggled to find conclusions.

Many festivals are celebrated as a matter of routine, without knowing the implications. Scriptures are worshipped in pooja rooms and daily read meticulously by many as a routine. We go to temples and places of worship just to feel ourselves that God is on our side and not on someone else’s side. We believe in benevolence from supernatural powers as if it is a matter of our right.

In this background situation, we cannot also expect real leaders to come up and guide us in matters of spirituality, or enlightenment, or progress of self. We will get only those ones, who can cater to these casual approaches and propagating things by way of cutting jokes, cheap populist ways to endear people, who are always casual in approach. Serious subjects are shunned away, and therefore, matters like seeking truth, which is serious, do not get proper attention. The wise men, who are learned and ever ready to show the right ways are not popular, as compared to the popularity of “make beliefs” and “ready to cater to the demand” type of men filling the space. With the increasing number of the latter category, we add up a class of society who indulge in “make beliefs” and become hypocritical.

So, I feel, we cannot blame the leaders because we get what we deserve. Everything in life has its place and importance. We must, as a matter of routine, take things seriously and with due importance they deserve. The inculcation of habits in this direction has to start right from a young age. We cannot expect children to imbibe these qualities when the elders themselves behave differently. So the beginning has to start right now and with all earnest.

I do not know whether what I am sharing is the view of many others. I only hope that my assessment is only one-sided and in reality, things are not the way in which I perceive. But, I certainly feel that Lord Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna because he was serious in his approach and enquiry. All our scriptures are in the form of questions and answers directing the disciples to probe and enquire all by themselves. The ocean of knowledge became manifest to disciples who were very serious, intuitive, desirous, and sincere.

So, I feel that ordinary persons like us have to play a vital role in building up a society based on real values and culture. Hence, we cannot leave them to a few self-styled spiritualistic leaders who are ever ready to earn cheap popularity and publicity. We must, therefore, be very serious and listen to our original scriptures and its relevance from persons who are really competent and knowledgeable to inform us about the real meaning, content, and purpose.

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