Good Things Fall Apart is an emotional song by the American songwriter and singer, Jonathan Bellion and popular EDM artist, Illenium. The song is written by Illenium, Jonathan Bellion, James Abrahart, Jason Evigan, Nicholas Miller, and Sarah Hudson.

Referring to this song as “sadboi anthem”, Illenium and Bellion first teased the song in April 2019 via their twitter accounts. The song was released with a lyrics video in May 2019. It is essentially the story of a heartbroken guy; lamenting and questioning right through the song, trying to find why his girlfriend walked out of their relationship. He wonders in overwhelm if it were his words or flaws or was he just unfit. Or was she faking it or did she find someone better? Crumbling over the loss, he makes apologies for what his default may have been. And while he implies his wish to make amends, he is also giving up on hope, trying to console himself thinking sometimes good things fall apart.

The music video was released in June 2019 and paints a grim picture of our declining world. It features Bellion and Illenium and their crew dressed in military attire, taking the last flight, attempting to flee as the Earth shatters. While it is painful to see our lava smothered planet almost about to meet its end, one feels hopeful on seeing a Phoenix rising up in the air. In mythology, the Phoenix represents a birdlike figure that rises from the ashes, representing a new life cycle. And this is precisely the message these artists wish to convey that there is hope for humanity and that we can thrive if we brave through and turnaround to change course.

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