Right now, there is more health information available to the public than ever before in history. Yet many diseases are more prevalent than before. While wanting and researching ways to be healthier is wise, if you read about diseases, disorders, and syndromes, you might be learning how to be ill and if you read about remedies or cures, you might become frustrated or despondent, as those are often unaffordable, hard to obtain or somehow just out of reach.

You might learn that EMF radiation, loneliness or stress increases your risk of certain diseases. But, who is never exposed to EMF radiation? Who never feels lonely or stressed? You may realise, that you’re not getting enough nutrients from your food, not getting enough exercise, not drinking enough water or not sleeping quite enough. This realisation may cause you more stress and may even lead to anxiety and insomnia.

Instead of trying to find money or time to add things to your life, sometimes a healthier mind, body, and spirit can be achieved by simplifying or taking away, rather than adding more.

Start by taking away some or all sugar, having less dairy and saying yes to fewer obligations. Clear some mental, spiritual and physical clutter that drain your energy. Instead of buying processed foods, eat simpler, more natural foods. Take a walk in nature, or at least, outside. Rather than buying expensive cosmetics, try using natural oils and let the rays of the sun, as well as loving words, put a healthy blush on your cheeks.

Instead of using sleeping pills, make sure your environment is conducive to sleep – dark, quiet and comfortable. Quiet your mind by writing down the thoughts, worries, and ideas that keep you awake and ensure that your body is tired enough for sleep, by exercising. And it’s not necessary to buy an expensive gym membership to get fit. Exercise is simply movement targeted at toning or strengthening certain muscles. Moving your body is simple, free and can be done almost anywhere. Instead of buying unhealthy energy drinks that often contain sugars, artificial sweeteners or caffeine, adding a little more salt to your food instead, will ensure you become thirsty enough to appreciate pure water.

Vitamin D is essential to human health. A deficiency of this fat-soluble vitamin is a more serious matter than is often realized and getting enough of it both through fatty foods like oily fish, eggs and sunflower oil, as well as enough sunlight, can help prevent as well as improve and sometimes completely reverse the unpleasant health effects associated with Vitamin D deficiency.

At least, make an effort to know yourself, often we are so busy that we can experience bodily sensations like hunger, thirst, a full bladder or even mild disease symptoms for long periods of time, without even realising it, until it’s severe enough to draw our attention. Learn to quiet your mind regularly throughout the day and become more aware of your physical body, being careful to lovingly meet its needs, as if it was your baby.

These are only a few ideas. There are many more ways to benefit and improve one’s health by living a simpler, more natural lifestyle. I hope you will be inspired to take ownership of your health, do your own research and find what works best for you.

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