I went to an art museum recently, where I found lots of frames hung on the wall. I could not understand the pictures drawn on them. There were quite a few of them. I thought I will understand at least one of them. But to my disappointment, I could not figure out anything. However, there were lots of people around, who was watching them very curiously, and even taking down notes, discussing with one another and all of them appeared very engrossed in them.

I looked for an organizer of the show who will be simple in nature (at least by look) so that I can talk something about my predicament. I could not find anyone matching my expectations. I located a very simple person who was just standing in the main hall. She was so simple that she was virtually unnoticed by the people around. Nobody seemed to know her. She was not talking to anyone. But she was just standing and watching people and their activities.

I thought she might be the right person I can approach and explain my predicament. I went to her with some hesitation, introduced myself and told about my problem. I sought her help in understanding at least one or two of the pictures. She talked to me very softly and again asked me whether I really wanted to understand. She said there is no use in understanding them. She, in fact, asked me to just watch them, as others are doing, enjoy if possible, and go home. This increased my curiosity. I told her I really wanted to know about them. I thought she would be able to help me. If she meant any offense in my asking, I asked her pardon. She looked at me seriously and started talking. She said each picture stands for certain values like humility, broad mindedness, humbleness, godliness, unity, friendship, love, compassion, devotion, faithfulness and so on and so forth.

I told her that I heard about these concepts somewhere way back in my life. And they seemed familiar words, but I did not remember the concepts of these words. Upon hearing this there was some brightness in her face. She asked me to start learning these concepts at least now. Age is not a criterion for learning all these concepts. Once you understand the concepts, you will recognize the pictures, she said.

I thanked her for the suggestion and told her that I shall endeavor to refresh my memories and try to remember the concepts, which I had forgotten somewhere in my life. I assured her that I would do my best. I told her that I shall come back to her if I had some doubts. Then I asked her where I could meet her. She said she can be spotted everywhere. I was surprised and exclaimed how it was possible. She said that she was the Mother Nature, and a person needed only to look around to locate her. Upon this I asked her to tell me who was the author of all these paintings. She very humbly said all these were hers. I further asked her how come the people did not look at her even once since she is the author of all these pictures. She said there were times when people looked at her and learned worthy things. But these days, no one looks at her as they have other priorities. People are not imbibing these concepts within them. No one can blame them because they have no time. So now they are available in frames. She said most of the frames will be sold to organizations, institutions, etc. who claim to teach these concepts in their teaching rooms, and they say it is good business. There is lot of money involved in them. These are the things people around here discuss about the frames.

Note: The above scenario is the thought process just crossed in my mind when I thought how far away most of us have gone from the realities of life. A life close to nature brings about certain invaluable qualities within one’s mind. The education and imbibing of qualities go together. Alas! We are becoming bereft of these values and turning to teaching institutions. Buying the values of spirituality, godliness, love, compassion, etc. in capsule forms will last only till the effect of the capsule stays for some time. Thereafter, we are back to square one. If we understand the law of nature and be one with that nature, we will be able to develop certain finer aspects of values in life automatically.

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