Hall of Fame is a 2012 song, sung by Daniel John Mark Luke O’Donoghue a.k.a. Danny, the lead singer of the pop-rock band, ‘The Script’. The song features will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas.

Written by Danny, James Barry and Mark Sheehan, Hall of Fame is a revitalizing song- zesty and vibrant. It is an elating piece of art that emboldens and shakes you to do something out of the ordinary and break the status quo. The artists make an attempt to encourage us to stay determined and undaunted, follow our heart and never give up on our dreams and become champions in our cause. That if we stretch ourselves and do not wait for destiny to lead us, we can accomplish in our own fields of work and make it to the Hall of Fame.

The message behind their words is very beautifully presented in two stories in the video. It opens to an aspiring boxer and a speech and hearing-impaired ballet dancer and takes you through their journey in their ordinary daily lives, their struggles and how they soldier on through their challenges and make it happen.

We hope this song stimulates you and enables you to prosper in your respective fields.

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