Seaside is a relaxing song written and sung by Woodson Black popularly known as Haux in the year 2016. Seaside is a plea- a calling to his lover to take a leap from the mundane in their lives and loosen up with nature and thrive with him in the unknown. And Woodson has suitably lent a warm, hushed voice that fits well with the spirit of this deep, melodious track.

Watch him ride peacefully through the lush greens, and his lover at the seaside feeling the sun, playfully walking on wet sand, stepping into the seawater as mild waves gently massage her feet, splashing water and moving rhythmically through the song. It’s refreshing and scenic, sending a vibe of peace, both to your visual and auditory senses.

If you are worked up and frazzled, Seaside should calm your nerves. So immerse yourself and relax in this beautiful piece of music, Seaside is 3:26 minutes of pure bliss.

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