We do many things in life – from morning till night. Even in the night, we dream. So we go on doing something or the other. When not doing, or while doing things, we do think a lot, sometimes intentionally and some other times naturally. At times, the flow of thoughts is such that suddenly we realize we are thinking something and we are in a different situation. These are natural to every human being, nothing special about them.

Analyzing these aspects while sitting alone, a thought occurred to me, which I am sharing. All of us must achieve big things in life, no doubt. Everyone is putting his or her best towards achieving them, some in a normal way, some with zeal and some others straining themselves to the maximum. Some also want to achieve spirituality, some others the highest point in meditation, some want to be directly with God and just touch Him and feel Him, some others want esteem and pride, some want to feel and show that they are something special as compared to others, and so many other things which we see in our society.

Everything is for the good of human beings. Humans must evolve and achieve heights in all spheres of life. There can be no dispute about this. While in the process of doing all these things, why not we just reflect on our own actions, starting with very humble steps? For example right from washing our face, drinking tea, receiving or talking to people, living among family members and working with colleagues, and in all our aspects of daily life. If we ask ourselves, after doing even a small job, whether we are satisfied with our actions, we will get the right answer. Even washing face – for example, ask own self: “Did I wash it properly? After all, it is my face”. Similarly, if we talked to someone, just reflect upon our talk and find out if it could have been better. “Did I hurt in any way the other person”? These small things, when analyzed, it will become part of our habit. This will lead to self-analysis, making one perfect in all spheres of life. Over a period of time, there will be no stress in doing things, because we will be doing things to our satisfaction and aiming at perfection.

In this, there is no ego, pride, jealousy, no particular way of thinking in a set format, etc. We analyze and fit ourselves every time to the requirement. We can learn new things, face new challenges, and still be what we are in perfect harmony with ourselves. I do not know how many will agree with these thoughts, but what came in my mind I have just shared.

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