Do you ever sit under the stars and watch your entire life replaying in moving diamonds in an endless dark night? Actually…the real question is, Do you ever free some time to sit under the stars?

It’s a busy world that we live in, we often get caught in time, 20 years pass and suddenly you are no longer the free kid that had no concerns but watching the favourite cartoon character, years passed, lots of books were studied, exams were passed, arguments were won and lost, people came and left, but where does that leave you? What have you done for yourself more special than what you’ve done for school, or work, or people?

I need you to take a moment, and think, think deeper, think louder, and longer… Is this where you want to spend the rest of your life? Feeding your wallet, and mind, but never your soul? Leave that chore and go watch the sunset, go to bed late and stargaze, give nature the time it needs to cleanse your soul…because every source of energy fades, unless it’s coming from an endless sky, or an unstoppable ocean.

Go out there, nature is always the best friend for those who have a heart.

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