Most of you will be already aware of this wonderful application which will enable you to collect information regarding the person or company collecting GST(Goods and Services Tax) in India.

GST Verify is an Android application released by the Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs(CBIC) which will help you to verify the authenticity regarding the GST number printed on your bill, and thus to identify whether the person or company is genuinely registered. It’s developed by Joint Commissioner Raghu Kiran Batchali of the Hyderabad CGST Division. As per the developer, the app aims to bring transparency in paying and collecting taxes and thus to reduce the misappropriation of taxes.

All you need to do is to install the app GST Verify from Playstore. Just enter the GST number mentioned in the bill that you received. And select Verify to obtain authenticated information.

GST registration information is updated on an everyday basis. It’s equally useful for Indian customers and tourists who visit India. Moreover, it provides people an opportunity to inform about fraudulent activities in the nearest GST division .

You can obtain the QR code to download the app here…


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