More often than not we get into the feeling that the times have changed. Times changed either for the better or for the worst, depending upon the experience of the person in his own situation. An introspection into this thought is worthwhile as to what one means by the change.

In fact, nothing has changed since the creation of the Universe (and philosophically even before that) as the ultimate truth, or the reality as such is beyond any change. That reality or the ultimate truth is in itself the embodiment of the time factor. The time factor, as such again, is not affected due to whatever is happening around. At best, the time factor or what is known as the flow of time is only an instrument of change and not the change in itself.

Then what has changed and what is changing? This is the area in which one should introspect.

It is the power of the flow of the eternal time factor which determines the creation of the worlds themselves. The concept of time factor can also be imagined appropriately because this flow of the eternal time factor enables the transformation of the intrinsic principles and characteristics in nature. The flow of the eternal time factor otherwise has no specific form and characteristic by its own self. The Supreme Almighty, Who is the embodiment of this flow of the eternal time factor itself, utilizing it as His own instrument, created the forms and shapes of this Universe, which again is nothing other than only Himself. This time factor, again, has no manifesting capability by its own self and has no beginning or end.

This Universe, as is existing before us today, in whatever be the form and shape, was very much there even earlier and shall continue to be there in the future as well.

So, what brings about changes or what are the changes in themselves? Due to the interaction of various elements and the characteristics within oneself bring about certain behavioral or physical changes. The time factor provides only an impetus for these changes but at the same time totally unaffected by the changes.

The changes, particularly when referring to the human interaction and behavior, are contributed by the elements and the characteristics from within the person, influenced and shaped up due to the ignorance of knowledge about the reality. When one is firmly rooted in the fact that he/she is the embodiment of That Supreme bliss and with that thinking not indulge in or carried away by influences around, can there be any change in such personality?

Our ancient scriptures have aimed at bringing about the awareness within the individual so that such a person acquires sufficient clarity of thoughts so that he can lead a life unaffected by the influences. If more and more people fall into this category, there can be a society of people leading the life of proper knowledge. The more away we are from real knowledge, we shall be trapped into the ignorance of mundane influences and blame what is happening as a result of the changing times without realizing that we alone are the contributory factors for the same.

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