In all my life so far I have largely worked and lived for myself and people who are related to me; my family, my friends and other near ones. Since the last few months though, there is this intense fight in my mind to find my purpose and do something for society; anything for anyone. I have started to believe that everyone can selflessly do small acts for people they derive no direct benefit from. In simple words, everyone is meant to and should engage in philanthropy, in whatever capacity one can.

Whatever you do, there is something you can do for someone that brings about some positive change in their lives. It could be anything small like even smiling with a stranger as you walk past them.

Or lending a helping hand to someone who has difficulty crossing the street.
Or complimenting someone.
Or donating blood.
Or just giving time to an old person, listening to them. They don’t have anyone to talk to. Cooking nutritious meals and offering and serving the old at elders’ homes.
Or offering food or clothing or stationery at orphanages.
Or sponsoring education for a child with financial constraints.
Or buying things from people who set up small stalls at their homes. Even if they may be things you don’t need, perhaps you could give it in charity or to someone who could smile with that small gift.
Or let the auto or cab driver keep the change.

In our society, there is a group of members who volunteer to come together on the first Sunday of every month with a scrap dealer and pick old newspapers and other waste articles from each house. The funds collected from this exercise are then used for any worthwhile philanthropic activity. This is a small example where we don’t have to directly be involved since we all lack time and resources, and yet we make a small contribution. In these adverse, stressful and trying modern times even these small gestures can make big changes and inspire and remind people how they too can offer to do small acts.

I am quite sure many of us do small bits. This is just a reminder to spread positivity and let people believe that goodness still prevails and to feel a sense of fulfillment that no matter how small, we can bring some positive change.

Be kind, do good. Keep Giving! ❤

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