Through the years, through the failed stories, and the happy endings, I always wished I was immune to new phases, I always wished I had the power to keep my emotions safe inside my heart, and not turn to a room of scattered emotions that you’d happily delay cleaning because you’re not ready to get that dirty; but I learned that sometimes you shouldn’t stress, you shouldn’t even think, life is like an ocean and sometimes it gets so quiet, it doesn’t mean you’re dead, and it doesn’t mean you have to splash around to create waves, you can’t create life, you can’t end life, you can only go with it.

You can only hold its hand, and keep walking, even if it feels like you’re following a person you don’t trust blindfolded, don’t stop…life dies to come back stronger, so does your heart, so does your personality, look back on everything that happened to you before, I bet you died inside more times than you can remember, yet endings and beginnings still scare you, which means you’re still human inside, a human who learns but doesn’t lose emotion; and I need you to know that it’s perfectly fine to break down, it’s okay if you feel weird in your own skin, it’s okay if you think everyone who looks at you is looking like they’ve seen an alien, because you’re not the only one thinking this…and you won’t be the last.

My friend, a new coming wave isn’t a sign for death, sometimes it’s a sign for life, for the thrill you’ve been lacking for so long… so let it take you away.

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