The One Great Love.
This love will teach you the word “love”.What it looks like. How it feels like. It is the beginning, your first step. It is a roller coaster of emotions. The sunshine to your rain or the water to your flowers. It’s butterflies and fairy tales and cloud-nines. A love so deep you think you could never love someone like that before. A love so great you will tell stories about them to your children or great-grandchildren. A love you think is true. A love you think is right. But is not. Because eventually, it will leave. It will teach you the pains of goodbye and letting go. It’s like a tragedy, a death. It will never fight for you. It was always written and bound to end because it was never meant to be. No matter how much you wanted it to. It may teach you how to love but it will also be your greatest pain.

The One True Love.
It will teach you the word “life”. It will give you the courage to fight for love to stay. It will make you love and trust again. It is Hello, your second chance. It is the saviour to your tragedy, healer to your pains and the life to your death. It is the oxygen to your body and the blood to your veins. It is your own version of happily ever after or grow old together. A love so brave to understand and wholeheartedly stay. A love so mature to never give up through ups and downs. A love so right it will finally found the missing piece of the puzzle of your uncertainty. A love so true you’d be thankful to let your one great love go. A love that was always meant to be. It is the one to never leave. A love that’s bound to last a lifetime. It will not only teach you to fight for love but will also give you the reason to live.

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