I’ve come a long way…..
…..From the fulfilling coziness of my Mother’s lap, to feeling lost amid the whole wide world.
From learning from my Father to take tiny footsteps, to speeding past fast lanes…alone.
From warm and comforting lullabies, to unsettling and painful renditions.
From expressing colorful dreams in crayons, to venting heartbreaks in ink.
From fighting with siblings, to longing to meet them and recall pleasant memories.
From laughing with friends, to awaiting their availability.
From being carefree, to caring less about all things fancy.
From wanting life to rush fast, to pondering over why we can’t slow down.
From relishing the pleasantness of the blue skies, to watching the gloomy, dark clouds.
From the vibrancy of our times- black and white, to the stagnating and achromatic hues of modern times…..
…..I’ve come a long way…….But I am yet to arrive!

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