The world is filled with possibilities. It was made that way. You live and move and have your being in a special state of open-endedness. Like most freedoms, your choices are hedged in by parameters set outside of you, but creativity and self-expression can grow strong and beautiful on the trellis, that is our universe. Regardless of how you use them, the possibilities opened by your existence tell a supernatural story. You see, the possibility cannot be opened by impersonal matter. The reason you may choose to do things that you don’t have to do is that something chose for you to exist, something that didn’t have to make that choice. Nothing in this universe had to exist, and yet it does. Your existence has potential because all that exists rests on a ground-zero of potentiality. Possibility is the foundational principle of actuality.

Possibility must exist prior to anything actual. Possibility is necessary, but it does not guarantee actuality. The fact that it’s possible for you to exist does not guarantee your existence. In order for something merely possible to become actual, someone must make a choice. A choice to bring about good for someone else is called grace, and the thing about grace is that it can only come from a person. You, me, and the universe we inhabit exist because a Person of limitless power and eternal being graciously chose for us to be here. And that Person graciously granted to you a subordinate power of choice, the ability to communicate into existence your own universes within the bounds of this one.

So here is your choice. One option is to create worlds that squander your ability to practice grace by pouring your choices on yourself, constructing your own kingdoms and ruling them for the sake of your own plans for yourself and humanity. This is the path that most take, and it has broken the world. This existence, graciously granted to us, functions on the supposition of continued grace. Selfish worlds build on the platform of this one curve in on themselves under their own gravity and squeeze themselves out of existence, crushing their center. We’re a cosmos filled with black holes thinking themselves to be whole universes, eating themselves and shrinking to destruction.

The other option is to seek out the One who built this house, set its foundations, and dictated its rules. Finding him means facing your own shortcomings, reaching the end of yourself, and recognizing your need for further grace just to be unwound from your singularity. That One loved this cosmos enough to spread himself out into our event horizons. We tore him apart and thought he was gone, but he controls the underlying fabric of our space and was brought back together. That same energy is available to us, and it can pull the tightest singularity apart and curve it outward instead, freeing us to pour ourselves back towards him and onto each other.

Yes, the world, as we’ve observed, is filled with possibilities. It was made that way. Before you pour yourself into creating your world out of the possible, seek the grace that comes from One outside of yourself. Through his power, you can truly awaken to the multi-faceted, many-splendored, diamond-cut surface of reflected grace and the worlds that it opens for true justice, true love, and selfless praise.

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