Ever since my childhood music has influenced my life positively. I would wake up listening to music on the radio. I am talking of the 70s and 80s. My father had a bent towards Bollywood and Sufi and he would often sing and play the harmonium. We would all sit around him and enjoy watching him.

Growing up years introduced me to different genres of music. My brother was a rock music freak. We had a normal guitar, an electric guitar and a pair of drums. So I played those instruments, also jumped and headbanged with him. My other brother would listen to pop. And I would have solved the toughest of math and econometrics problems with music playing in the background.

Perhaps my happy childhood association with music is what makes it so relevant and indispensable even today. On most days music is with me for a good two to four hours. I love to start the day with music from the 70s and 80s, the kind of music I grew up listening to. And then music gives me company in everything that I do throughout the day; when on my way to and from places I visit, when I cook, when I read, when I rest and when I exercise. That’s music for me, my happy place to be. I don’t know what and how I would have been if it wasn’t for music.

Music for me is my most favoured coping mechanism. It sails me through difficulties. It’s my go-to place. My playlist has music for every possible mood I could be in. When overwhelmed and anxious, I listen to soulful music that calms my nerves. It acts as a healer and takes me away from my worries and brings life back into my life. It’s a saviour of sorts – a friend I have longed for; who doesn’t ask questions, is there for me and just stays with me unconditionally. When happy, I rejoice by turning up the volume and playing it loud. In my chirpiest mood, music brings out the sleeping artist in me as I sing and dance. I perform. 😇

Music always makes me want to join in and brings out my hidden talents. Sometimes I want to sing along, sometimes I want to draw, sometimes I write. At other times, I wanna dance, or play the guitar or take the drums.

There has been research and there are established studies that show that music is a means to push and promote business by creating an ambience that encourages people to make an unintended impulse purchase. If you notice, there is music playing in shopping malls and retail outlets. That’s not just to entertain you, do mind your pocket. 🙂

At gyms, music motivates workouts and pushes to achieve fitness targets even if they may seem painful.

Music is therapeutic and treats neurological disorders. Doctors suggest listening to music as cures for many ailments. Music eases insomnia, helps to treat stress, in pain management, and is used as a therapy to enhance mental health.

Music helps increase productivity, which is why many corporates, especially in the creative industry, encourage playing music in their offices. Studies show employees excel in performance which results in bigger numbers and growth.

It is these positive and soothing effects of music that enlarge the scope of music in every industry- at salons, airport lounges, restaurants, and hospitals.

Music is one’s parallel journey through life that adds meaning, a soother.

In the words of Plato,

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

I choose music over many other means of entertainment and value addition. It helps me think, grow and feel deeply. What does music do for you?

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