When in my 30s, I felt so tired. Tired of adapting and surrendering. Tired of trying to fit in, tired of complying and of trying to please. I’m me… I said, so why is there a need to appease?! At one point, I didn’t even realize, but I had given up thinking about the world. By then I had stepped out of the 30s.

But I was overwhelmed. I pondered. I had too many questions, but no answers. I discussed this with a very close friend and she seemed to be going through the same transition. My sister who is older smiled and said that each woman goes through these changes around this time in her life. That to an extent calmed me.

So while I didn’t anticipate a reform, it seemed so sorted when I saw a new me- A woman in her 40s. 🙂

A woman in her 40s is reborn. Even with her thorns, she wears a smile and adorns.

A woman in her 40s doesn’t whimper when you do what you want. She just does what she finds more important or worthwhile. She lives and lets live.

A woman in her 40s is more generous. She appreciates even the smallest act. She showers compliments. Because she knows how it feels to be unappreciated.

A woman in her 40s believes in self-acceptance and self-preservation. She’s in-sync with herself; her flaws, and her beauty, her weaknesses, and her strengths. She considers herself a package and owns herself completely. She respects and cares for herself. And she also accepts and cares a lot more for everyone else. But she doesn’t care what people think. She is more confident about herself and her choices.

A woman in her 40s is grateful for all that she has, for all the lessons that she has learned in life. She moves on, she is content.

A woman in her 40s is open-minded and understanding. Your life, your choices, your perspectives, your dilemmas. So trust her, when she lends a shoulder and says, “I am here for you. I understand.” She means it. She’s been there, done that.

A woman in her 40s values relationships even more. Family and friends become more precious. Fun and laughs are treasures. She cherishes each moment that is making a memory.

A woman in her 40s is only growing older in age, gracefully (with the grays in her life and also with the grays in her hair), but feeling younger at heart. She is stronger and more confident in facing all the challenges life throws at her.

A woman in her 40s is evolving and has a new zest for life. She looks dazzling even with that wrinkle or two. She’s celebrating. And she would love to have you join in this celebration of life.

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