We do not measure the time, the way it really is.. the way it’s seizing smiles, the way waves hit the rocks, and flowers open their petals and how space embraces our beautiful reflections within. An ocean of stars found within… like there are broken dark clouds and violent storms, contributing turmoils, but this living bright canvas that is just existing shows us every art of life within. Wouldn’t it be nice acknowledging that all our imaginations, dreams and wildest desires, all the beautiful love and breathtaking miracles, are just simply mirrored from our own perspective, but directly resting at the beginning of our feet and our entire roots?

All the world is around us. This vastness of the sky, showing us what is around us, what is in us. What is us really about? In our home and our house, our mirror and our streets. In our way to work and in our surroundings. In our actions and our own personal life. Would you get a hold of it.. if you had the time and the sky and all the visualization? If you had the moment. If you had life. Would you dare to look at it? The way we are too busy for everything.. alarm settings, rush hours, wearing your best possible to step into the ever-changing world.. to function in a river of crowd.. so many passing moments and fading experiences…I think we are busy with thinking and our forced routine stops us from believing the actual thinking about ourselves.

Right there .. a big old chestnut tree stands there as if it was the center of all happenings. I stood there observing it’s bark.. how rough and thick it seemed.. green moss and scars all over its skin… I love to touch it gently. Fascinated by its appearance. The branches are so wide, big and voluminous. I was wondering how deep it’s rooted and I kind of imagined myself seeing them living in a secret world under the ground I stand on… our house right on these roots.. which made me think that I actually sleep on them every night..although it’s probably still not imaginative.. anyways, the tree is so big and I was curious, if my arms would fit around it, but I knew that I would never be able to embrace it completely.. what this tree has to tell.. what it had experienced all its entire life, I just wonder… is it a female or a male.. I took three steps to the right to change my view.. suddenly a bird showed up. Right behind the tree, a small beautiful bird! I could not tell which bird it is. The feathers on its wings were a deep glossy black, the face white in black, a grey standing out big, and an obviously full stomach. Picking sunflower seeds that fell of the bird-house, right above, tied up on a very straight branch, eating with joy and enthusiasm, eagerness and passion. I wouldn’t have recognized, if I didn’t move, put myself in action and changed my spot. I would not even know of its existence, but the way I suddenly did notice, made me smile, made me happy and I observed that little bird with grace and delightful preciousness. Living its own beautiful life, in its own beautiful moment. Meeting me. Who to blame actually ..the tree, the moment or oneself? Time, moments, life? If I get closer, the bird will probably feel bothered and simply flies away. Changing place as if it’s having its own grace to live for and it obviously has. So I just stopped, hold my breath and felt my senses. Standing there.. in a moment, again. No, time held me and led me. But I recognized there was only this bird and me. Nobody and nothing would be part of it. A moment of eternity.

I look into the sky and I know it is all given. Everything is with us. Within us. The preciousness cannot be brighter. Let’s discover it and paint it into our own vastness. Then, we let it return to us! For a moment, we know our eternal sky and we are every magical piece of it. This is our time! This is our space! This is our life!

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