The grandfather was asked by the grandson,
what is the colour of the rays of the sun?
replied the grandfather, Oh dear!
why do you want to know about this here?

I am heartened with intensity,
when I see the colours of diversity,
through the prism into the sunlight of divinity,
and enjoy all the seven colours with equanimity.

Oh dear! Continued the grandfather, Oh son!
what is that so astounding and divine in the light of the sun,
which is shining and showering it’s grace without discrimination,
in all the places wherever the earth moves in its rotation?

The grandson replied with reason,
all the colours seen through the prism are our perception,
as the ultimate colour of the rays of the sun,
remains the same without any distinction.

Can we not look at the world around,
without the prism of our perception bound,
when nature has made everything so perfect and sound,
as to the source of all connected to the single truth firm and sound?

Astounded by the wisdom and perception of the grandson,
understood the reason for one’s own imprisonment,
removed the variance of perception,
and, the grandfather, realized how we are the prisoners of our own making!

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx

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