We are becoming great people in the entire world. This is good news. In today’s society, we can advice anyone on anything and on any subject. Be it dieting, medication, meditation, spirituality, Godliness, physical fitness, education, health and what not? I forgot to add: We can, of course, discuss galore on corruption, nepotism, politics, crimes and many other issues afflicting our society.

Just drop a hat, there is a person around us to advice as to how to drop it, the benefits or otherwise of it, implications, advantages, disadvantages, drawbacks, profits, attainments, etc. This happens in family, offices, social gatherings..pretty much anywhere and everywhere. One need not know the other person at all, to whom the advice is poured. Just listen to even half the matters, we are ready with pieces of advice for the present, future and for all; and that too not necessarily or remotely connected with these matters. We are more generous and helping; irrespective of whether the other person really needs that advice. One thing again I forgot: The advice is to be taken on face value. No responsibility for any adverse effect. It is because the advice has no guaranty or warranty. We are ready to keep the process on, with all the kindness and generosity.. 24×7.

This is where we are missing our link with our ancient wisdom. There are certain traditions, disciplines, timings set by our ancestors as to how to go to Temples, when to pray, show restraint in assembly of men, etc. The purpose was to inculcate manners and etiquette for each situation. Each situation varied from location to location and the manners practiced therein.

These practices enabled the people, particularly, growing children, to emulate certain values in life. This also enabled them to introspect and talk, do, and proceed further. Are we not missing that link somewhere?

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