Nobody welcomes failure. Everybody dreads it. What lessons can failure teach us? It makes us lose our confidence. It makes our second attempt shaky. Disheartened, we seldom try again and instead get caught in it’s spell. But, Robert the Bruce, whips aside our defeatism by his experience with a spider. Possibilities of failure must not be ruled out. Mental preparation for such an eventuality should be made in the first place itself. Once failed, we should boldly try again. So many factors are responsible for failure. So why blame yourself ? It isn’t wise to blame yourself though it’s a weakness of human nature. Failures give experience and shows us the loopholes.

Better preparation must follow failure. Wiser and better equipped people with determination can certainly improve to a large extend after failures in life. However, we must remember, that after heavy showers comes bright sunshine.

GREG RAKOZY xxxx xxxxx
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