Milkshakes are usually relished as desserts- cold, sweet and sumptuous. But this home-made milkshake makes a wholesome meal. It is filling, thick and nutritious with no added sugar.


  • Chilled milk- 1 cup
  • Roasted oats- 2 tablespoons
  • Fresh fruit of your choice- Any one, preferably seasonal. A small quantity of the fruit to be cut to small pieces. (6 strawberries or 1 mango or 2 large chikus or 1 banana or 1 small apple)

Please note that fruit is added to give the principle flavor and since this milkshake includes oats and nuts which are filling, the fruit needs to be added in limited quantity.

  • Nuts-
    • Almonds-4
    • Cashews-4
    • Pistachios-4
  • Sweetener- I only use honey or date or fig or organic jaggery powder if there is a need to sweeten.


  • Add the oats and a quarter cup of the milk in a jar and blend until it smoothens into a thick paste.
  • Add fresh fruit and a quarter cup of the milk and blend it so all the fruit, oats and milk blend into a mixture.
  • Add the remaining half cup milk and blend it.
  • You could add a few ice cubes and blend at this stage if you want a colder milkshake.
  • Please taste it and if you need to sweeten the mixture, please add any of the suggested sweetener in a quantity that suits your taste.


Pour the milkshake in a serving glass, add some chopped pieces of the fresh fruit and half the dry fruit (cut to small pieces) and stir it well. Garnish it with balance dry fruits and some chopped fruits.

This milkshake is extra-satisfying and not just indulges your taste buds but also keeps your appetite in check. Hope you relish it. Cheers!

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