What is yours and what is mine?
When everything is our perception fine!

We think certain things belong to us,
worst, we believe some people are for us,
we take pride in possessions made by us,
we oscillate our minds on others’ reactions around us.

We impose beauty or otherwise,
on things and people even if they are not wise,
our own perception on things surmise,
our conditioned existence of lives.

Why not turn inward our minds,
and think a while on actions one finds,
not affected by what we see through our minds,
instead get clarity of thoughts in our minds.

For me this is the awakening of spirituality,
a stepping stone in connecting with the reality,
creating a perfect edifice of superiority,
of not getting affected by triviality.

This helps one to live well at once,
in the midst of paucity or affluence,
not affected by any other influence,
leading a life of peaceful co-existence.

Tuning one to the reality par excellence,
being founded in one’s own conscience,
leading a contented life of affluence,
of mind and body unconcerned with any influence.

Prerequisite for a healthy mind,
is the healthy body with a strong bind,
of unison of senses with the mind,
with the clarity of thoughts in mind.

Blessed are those with the grace of God,
achieve these goals either by birth or acquired,
later in life as one grows with the tide,
of life which bounces in all its stride.

What is yours and what is mine?
When everything is our perception fine!



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