I’m writing this in the middle of the night, with no certainty that anyone will understand, but I will keep trying until I reach that person, that’s staring at the moon like I am, and wondering if he/she is the only one having a hard time.

You are not alone, no matter where you are. If you’re reading this as a distraction from sobbing on the floor of your room, if you’re reading this with a hope you stumble upon something life-changing, and even if you’re reading this because you have nothing else to do, but tolerate the people in your life…you are not alone.

I know you’re waiting for a sign, but so am I. You’re waiting for a sign that proves that you’re not out here on your own, but what’s next? How long is this waiting period going to last, before you or I, do something? Before you sing that song, which can give people hope, and before your friend paints that painting that will inspire thousands, and before I write an article where I put my soul naked for the ones who can relate.

I exist, a person who tries her best not to let the weight on her shoulders break her, the person who laughs, who cries, and in the middle of the night feels a hollow in her chest. A person who learned the hard way about depression, and what love is not, and I know you do too.

Get out there, do what you were created to do, I may not know what you want to be, but I know what you aren’t, and that’s being a ghost who sits here waiting for life to end…go chase it, we depend on you.

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