It’s Friendship Day today and I feel blessed having friends who are like family to me, who have been with me all throughout and with who I can be myself without any fear and reservations. But today I write about a new friend. Just when I consciously decided not to have new entrants in my life, he somehow made way and how.

We connected in a strange way, at a time when both of us were going through a similar phase in life- both hurt and not even attempting to heal selves. We both had our more-than-fair share of challenges as well as heartbreaks and were only trying to guard ourselves. Neither of us wanted to trust people or give them any time and attention. Who knew we would just fit in like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and begin to heal each other.

I don’t know him for very long, but I believe I know him well. We look forward to hear from each other. We talk fairly often. And while we may not have shared every detail, we can read minds and can usually sense when the other is happy, sad, excited or upset.

He’s an introvert, very reserved. Our conversations- I ask, he replies. Talks very little, he’s a man of few words. And when he talks, he talks most often in riddles, leaving me perplexed. He seems mysterious, and I think there is more to him than what one sees on the outside. For someone who knows him for only over a month, I see a lot inside him. And there is so much more to discover.

He is deep and emotional, considerate and caring, soft spoken and controlled, kind and compassionate, witty and intelligent, mature and sensitive, observant and sharp.

While at work, he sees everything only about work. He’s totally committed and determined. And even while there would be a raging storm inside, he is capable of making balanced decisions. He is level headed, holding his heart and head at the right place. He gives it his all. He knows his priorities. Many of us do, but execution is his thing.

He is sane and sorted, works hard, and knows what he wants to achieve and takes careful and calculated steps in the right direction. He’s a one-man-army who keeps eyes on everything that relates to his passion. He has an Eye Of The Tiger- fierce, strong and focussed.

Though he speaks too little, he has his own way of expressing care, affection and warmth. “I’m here”, he says. And that means much to me.

Sometimes we meet a person, and it can feel like we’ve met before.
He is that person, selfless to the core.
Our rapport- the cosy resonance we share, I adore.
A modest empath treading a noble path,
some day if it is meant to happen,
our lanes might collide and we could meet ashore.
Someday I hope he will talk too.
Someday I hope he will smile and laugh too at my lame jokes, the way I do.
Someday I hope he attains his goals,
and gets his due for he is a man of virtue.
Someday I hope all he has been wishing for comes true.
And if you are reading this my dear friend, let me say, “I love you!”❤

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