I’m shocked, you must be wondering what the kid did to shock me. Well, he did not do anything, but said something that gave me a shock and made me think, you kidding me? Ok. I understand you have no clue what I am talking about. So let me explain to you about it. This kid who is my friend’s younger brother keeps uploading pictures of Bob Marley. Well, it so occurs, that he is a fan of Marley’s, but for all the wrong reasons.

Let me make it clear. So I asked him, I see you are a big fan of Marley, so tell me which is your favourite song. And he is like, say what? (Jaws dropped, thoughts stopped, stuck) After brief pause which I needed to recover the shock he gave me, I told him that he should look up on Bob Marley’s life, about his music, legendary life and amazing quotes.

Now you know what shocked me right. I mean, I am not a girl who knows everything about Bob Marley, but if anything, I grew up listening to his songs (Thanks to my dad for his sublime collection of songs). It pains me to see that the youth today know him for the wrong reasons which I reckon from this boy. It is just not about not knowing about Bob Marley. What is pressing concern that there would be millions among the masses who have wrong information or notions about people or current happenings just because of social networking sites or other reasons. Whatever be the reason, I learned something valuable from this incident. To do a detailed study about any news or piece of information that interests me and not to go by what the majority has to say about it.

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