I know what you’re thinking, and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone like you think, you are not a failure, you are not useless like you think.

This is not some motivational speech about how millions that were just like you (or worse) did the impossible (even though I still don’t get why someone achieving their dream should inspire you), maybe someone achieving what you wish for gives you some type of magical certainty that it’s not impossible…because obviously if it was, then that person couldn’t achieve it too; but this is not where I’m coming from, I’m here to give you the wake-up call you need, that you don’t want. I’m here to kick out the fake positivity you keep walking through, and put on the dark road that surely will take you where you need to be.

Now, that you’ve decided to stick along to the end of this, I want to tell you the first thing that I told myself years ago, readjust your dreams, because if your dream is to be the next Shakespeare, or the next Adele, or the next Bill Gates, trust me you are destined to fail, because you just can’t be somebody else but yourself, you can’t follow the road that was made for someone else and expect to end up somewhere better than they have…even if you did, listening to people comparing you to your role model will be painful, you’ll feel that you get no credit for what you’re doing, because that dream wasn’t yours from the beginning…drop your role model, nobody is perfect, and nobody is you.

Your mind is the key, yes it is, what you think is what you’ll probably reach, for example: if you think you’re a lonely potato that will live his/her life chasing something that will never reach, then yes probably life will grant you that wish, because that’s what you believe, and that’s what you work to achieve, and I don’t mean that if you think of a palace with fifteen swimming pools and exotic trees you’ll wake up to find it, no, thoughts are linked to actions, your thoughts are your stock of energy and hope to keep you going, thoughts and actions walk hand in hand, keep them friends.

I can’t give you steps to success, nobody can, even the ones that give you speeches about how much of a failure you are, how you don’t know how to hope, or dream, or even live? And then ask you to listen carefully to what they’re about to say, because their words have the meaning of life? Nobody knows the meaning of life, even the ones who succeeded can’t tell you how they did it, but what I can swear about is that you can’t lack dedication, hope, and faith, and expect to reach what you want.

Be who you are, be the first you, because the world needs a new hero. We know too much about old artists, celebrities and writers, but maybe what we need is the point of view of someone who is sitting right now not knowing his worth. I’m telling you, chase your dreams, nothing will come as easily as you wish.

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