For me it was just another day. I started my day like I usually do. Got into the routine, finished all jobs, got into my room to be at ease. Picked my phone to check all my calls, messages and emails. There were a good number of missed calls, messages, some unanticipated ones; wishes from some good friends and relatives who I hadn’t heard from in a while.

It was my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised and all smiles. I returned calls and replied to all messages. Such beautiful and warm words from them meant so much.

And in the sudden rush of emotions, I felt tears rolling down my eyes. I felt vulnerable. I was melting again, something that happens every time I feel loved deeply. I fondly remember all the beautiful people in my life, miss the ones who left as lovely memories flash through.

I tossed my phone aside. I just wanted to step out of this love and attention. While it’s an endearing feeling, it shakes me. I can’t handle so much affection. Also I miss my parents and childhood. It takes me into a different zone. So I just shooed all those thoughts, stretched myself and lay in bed, glanced outside to get the feel of the day. I wanted to plan my day ahead, when and where to go.

It was a little dark and windy, and I looked up in the sky. Herds of birds were flying past the clouds. I was completely mesmerized, so much that I shut my eyes and took flight with them. Oh Wow. What a majestic flight this is. And the luxurious view.. SUBLIME, GLORIOUS, SPLENDID. I feel on top of this world. It’s heavenly up here. Just a little above ground and very much within the defines of this world exists this parallel world. I see the birds and feel one among them. They have accepted me as a part of their group.

I smile and giggle, as I playfully tease them and fly away until they follow me to get even and then I go after them again. We just play. And settle for a bit, come to step on the ground to pick a bite. But then some of you fear our touch down or don’t like us to stain your places, so we take off again, back in rhythmic flight, finding our way through the gushing air. We don’t even need to take an effort to flap our wings, the wind just takes us along. And we just follow where it takes us, you know we go with the flow.

We don’t need any directions here. The whole world is our place, there are no boundaries. What a feeling this is. This place is so perfect. Everything is spirit. No one asks any questions here because there are none. But all solutions lie here. There is peace and beauty, freedom and solace, connection and clarity, love and understanding. Here’s everything that you wished for.

Everyone has a childlike innocence. We just talk. We just see how we are doing and try to uplift each other. We offer, we accept. We provide, we take. We are vulnerable but we are in safe hands. We don’t struggle. We feel only love. No one expects anything from anyone here. It’s mature yet so innocent. This is an evolved plain. I find this higher ground so peaceful and relatable. While I am on my own, it makes me feel like I belong here. It soothes my soul. So I am calm.

Every place looks magnificent from above the surface of the earth. The view is so large and mighty. We all look so tiny and minute. Ironic, how on earth we think the world revolves around us. When I look down on ground, I understand your life and perspectives more easily. I can let go and move on. But I have a question, for self and for you – Why and for what are you rushing at this fast pace?

And do you know you all look so beautiful from here. More beautiful than ever. Also this world is a beautiful place and we should try to maintain it, in it’s rawness. Someday you should take this journey, I feel for you when I see you from here. There will be times in life when it’s important to look forward instead of backwards, at whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past. You could take a break, like I did. It’s good introspection and good for self preservation. It lends perspective.

So when you are unsure where a path is leading, when you are prone to panic, when you feel the world is crumbling and the sky is falling, when you feel like there is no one, when you can’t get words of affirmation, all you need to do is just step out, lie down and look up in the sky. The sky is the shoulder we can cry on.

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