Did the word ring a bell? Bring rushes of sweet memories? Well, I am not talking about the movie Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. I am speaking of the word meaning itself. Those occurrences of a happy event by chance, which I am sure all have had at least once in their life time. Who doesn’t like a fortunate stroke of serendipity in their lives? The word sure sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It has a special feeling to it, i.e. that magical power of certain words that makes it linger in your mind or maybe take you to your happy place.

Many believe in the school of thought that serendipity can be planned or it is just another fancy word. But I personally believe that when you believe in it, you realize that everything has a purpose and things will happen if it is meant to be. If anything, this thought helps you live a stress free life. I mean in my case, believing in karma, serendipity or even fluke has had nice endings to it. What’s the harm in believing in it if it doesn’t hurt you?( bad reasoning, I know ).

I like to believe that such happy accidents happen in our life when we least expect it. Well, karma may not always be a happy experience and that’s a whole new different topic, so let us not talk about that now. Destiny is another beautiful word that is a synonym for serendipity. How many people believe in all this? You may think all this is rubbish, but believe me that it is just your logical brain speaking. There are such times when we toil so hard to reach where we think is our destination and end up reaching elsewhere. Not everything can be planned in life. We get caught in our monotonous lives and even drown in the chaos around us, and then magically we reach a place we never planned for us. Well, folks, that’s what serendipity is all about.

I am not probing you to believe in spirituality or anything too difficult for your logical brains to analyse. All I am saying is, stop being so uptight and loosen yourself. Every once in a while, stop to notice that life has given you everything you need to move forward. So, why not believe that things will come to you in the right time and life is not any less of a magical journey. You never know when serendipity may strike you and you may meet the love of your life, the job of your dreams, a destination you always wanted to visit and possibly everything.

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