We have attained freedom after a long struggle. 15th August 1947 brought about the vision of a new India. Everyone knows about the freedom struggle and what sacrifices were made by our ancestors to achieve this.

Having acquired the power of self rule through democracy, we started electing our leaders from time to time, who are our lawmakers. However, over a period of time the class of rulers became power hungry and begot with vested interests. This applied to all classes of political establishment and the ruling elite spread throughout the country with some exceptions here and there. Such few honest political leaders became misfit in the system of vested interests inflicted in politics.

However, while all these were happening there was an undercurrent in the new generation of Indians. They were thinking free and wanted India to progress. These are our young men and women who sincerely want India as a whole to progress. Over a period of time this thinking started catching up with the young.

While the vicious cycle of servitude prevailed in each segment of political set up and the bureaucracy, the voice of dissent became weak. In fact each one in the ruling circle, or in the political circle, became prisoners of themselves due to mutuality of interests and they started supporting each other towards the advancement of their own sustenance as they thought that it is their birthright to be in control of power. The real people of India were forgotten by them gradually. The people got frustrated with the ruling people as well as the system as a whole. They were looking for an opportunity. The unexpected electoral victory of Mr.Kejriwal, from nowhere, in Delhi was the result of this frustration. They thought the new person with his honest background will deliver results. What is happening in his own party now is once again proof of whatever has been stated above.

Lok Sabha elections in 2014 and 2019 turned out another opportunity for the new thinking Indians to give a chance to Mr.Narendra Modi. While all politicians were planning their same old games of wooing people, the voters, decided to discard all people who had become either corrupt or with servitude mentality. In fact, such political persons were stunned with the results. However, their habits have not changed and they are in a cage like situation. Over a period of time they had lost their originality and thinking power. The herd mentality of going after either a clan or remain within family power circle did not allow them to come out of this bondage. It is high time such people think and reflect about their own actions and analyse how much they have distanced themselves from the people of India.

Indian heritage is deep rooted. The new generation of Indians are not prisoners of the feudal thinking and not bound to the servitude mentality. Herein lies the strength of India. Over a period of time, the political and ruling class with the mentality of servitude to their masters or forming groups to protect their own self interests, will be isolated in the process.

What the people of India is looking forward is the management of the country, and not being ruled by some party or clan of people. This is a transition time in the history of India. The personalities are immaterial. What is important is the delivery of results and the progress of the country as a whole. In any event, the present as well as the coming generations shall not tolerate servitude mentality. This is the strength of democracy and liberty.

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