Those faces in the crowd, Don’t they fascinate you? Strangers going to their own destination that you know nothing about, and others coming from faraway places to live a life that you don’t know.

Do you wonder how many monsters live inside those happy faces? What kind of ruthlessness lies behind those kind looking eyes? And will you believe it if I told you that each and every one of us is responsible for stopping this wave of destruction from drowning more beautiful things?

This wave isn’t made of cold hearts, or people we consider to be “bad”, this wave is made of undercover criminals; criminals we live with, criminals we trust, a kind of criminals that don’t get sent to prison.

Our definition of a criminal is thieves, killers, drug dealers etc., but don’t you think there are deeper categories of criminals that we don’t pay attention to? Like abusive people, that abuse you verbally, and can hurt you in ways that nobody can prove, because people will believe you’re in danger when you’ve got a black eye, but they won’t believe you’re in danger when you’re emotionally destroyed, and depressed; people will believe a young adult to be a criminal, but will always respect a decent father that gives his family hell.

There are types of abuse that nobody gets punished for, like public embarrassment, yelling, dismissiveness, aggressively trying to control you, and the list goes on, these are things that break down the personality of a person into little pieces, and form a deformed human being, broken hearted, full of insecurities, and trust issues, and the sad truth is that we all go through it, and we don’t try to speak up, or help out.

If you don’t know where you stand in all of this, let me tell you, you stand in the middle between a weak child, and a bad parent, you stand up for your friends or relatives that are going through this, you help make the world a better place by digging inside yourself and getting rid of these habits if you have one of them.

Trust me, some “jokes” are more seriously taken than you think, some words you say with the excuse of “lashing out” can make someone sleepless for nights, and some crimes are as serious as killing a person, because you kill them from inside, even if no one is going to punish you for it….

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