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Oh man ! I pity you and your plight,
Learn from me if you might,
You have disconnected from the flight,
Of the flow of life as it might.

I go from flower to flower,
To gather the nectar of life,
Not merely for my life,
But for the future generation’s life.

You have forgotten your ancestors’ wisdom,
Who did not disturb the nature’s wisdom,
Did not plunder it as you do without boredom,
Just for the sake of your comfort and freedom.

You are reaching the point of the cutting edge,
Of distorting the balance of the nature’s pledge,
Of keeping all beings from the edge,
Of annihilation of life form as it was it’s pledge.

You owe your life to your ancestors’ and the nature,
Do not spoil it with your selfishness as is your nature,
Learn from us the principles of life and not as a creature,
But as protectors of future generation’s of this splendid nature.

You are creating terrific imbalance,
As you have become slave of consumerism in abundance,
Without considering the havoc you are creating in the balance,
Of equilibrium with the life form and nature with its power of balance.

You are not only inviting doomsday for your coming generation’s,
You are ensuring the destruction of all life forms in the next generation,
Have some attitude of sacrifice for the sake of the next generation,
And give up plundering of nature with your own arbitration.

You alone do not own this world as your living place,
There are other life forms as well in this place,
Nature will not tolerate your plunder which is out of place,
Think of what I am saying for everyone’s good in the first place.

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