I like to believe that inside each human being is a balance, one side for everything painful, and one side for everything good, the winning side is the side which becomes the glasses you look to the world through, making you the person you are, and controlling your thoughts.

In our lives there are so many opposites, so many antonyms that we get used to seeing, and hearing to the point that they sadly become mundane; actually, they become far more normal than they should, like hatred, and anger, and destruction, but where did love, and calmness, and construction go?

I’d like to shed a light on the rare words, like love, dreams, peace, a healthy mental state… they all seem too good to be true right? Too unattainable, something as impossible to find as riding a unicorn to another planet, right? But I’d also like to ask, why do you think they’re so rare? Or what made them rare?

Let’s see, here’s a summarised list of the things that could make them sound impossible.

  • Broken family
  • Heartbreak
  • Being let down by a person you thought was different
  • Constant failure
  • Broken dreams
  • Mental illness (like depression) that makes it impossible to enjoy anything
  • A horrible past experience

Now, let us discuss the side effects of all these seven points, and how they cause an unbalance in our lives. To begin with, I started my list with broken family, because if peace isn’t found from inside, you’ll have a hard time believing that you can find it out there, if your idols as a child (your parents) are anything but in love, you’ll have a hard time believing in love. If you’ve been through any sort of a heartbreak, it’ll seem impossible to carry the pieces and stick them back together. Being let down by the only one you put too much hope on, is worse than betting all your money on a racer that failed, it’s actually betting all your emotions on a person that’s (at some point) going to fail.

Failing constantly leads to a lack of confidence, that you cannot, and will not do anything more to prove that you can succeed, because inside you stopped believing. Who can talk about broken dreams more than us? A generation which was forced into fields they loathe, that have been ripped of their desires and dreams, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain it, but I know how it feels… like waiting all year to catch that airplane that’s going where you need to be, and missing it at the last second, devastating and bone breaking.

Mental illness is one of the biggest obstacles you can have that prevents you from living a normal life, and the way people talk about it so easily makes it even worse. Last but not least, a horrible past experience, a relationship that went wrong? Not getting your dream job? Child, and domestic abuse? These are things that rip our hearts from peace, and safety, leaving us without a soul waiting for the end of this life.

What we need to learn isn’t how to deal with it, but how to create a balanced life when we succeed in running for our lives and leaving all of it behind, we need to learn how to pour love on the empty side of the balance, and maybe when we do it a couple of times it will outnumber the hate inside us.

How can we do it? Truth is, no rule can work on everybody, but the key will remain one, hope, faith, and dedication. If your hope for a better life is stronger than your fear of getting stuck here forever, if your faith in escaping is stronger than your surrender, and if your dedication to making it happen is stronger than your doubts, you have a shot.

Enrich these emotions inside of you, sit under the stars, and dream, don’t be afraid to dream big, don’t be afraid to imagine, most of the things that are a reality now were only inside someone’s imagination once upon a time…like lamps? It may seem silly to you now, but once upon a time it was a dream that came true after 1000 trials, how many trials do you think your dream will take? And how many times are you willing to try to get what you need? These are just other ways to ask, how much do you mean to yourself? And it should be too much.

Who knows? Maybe after your 1000 trials, you’ll have your own peaceful life, and with each trial you’ll fill the good side of the balance with hope, even if you didn’t succeed, you’ll have a clearer view to life, one that’s not black&white, and this itself is called succeeding in being a stronger, better version of yourself.

So keep an eye on your balance, see what’s controlling you, and do your best to control it….

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